SS Faction Recruitment


New Member
Aug 18, 2019
With the release of factions just a day away, it's time to get situated and plan! But for us to push farther along, and last in the season, we need members. A lot of them.

Requirements to join:

1.) VIP and beyond on at least one account.
2.) Experience on other faction servers.
3.) able to spare at least 8-10 hours a week Ingame. This does not count for time spent AFK.

4.) At least 15 years of age.


(Well not required, having one or more of a particular skill boosts your chance of joining the faction, and advancing up the ranks)

1.) Cannoning Experience.
2.) PVP Experience.

3.) Interior Design Experience.

What We Will Offer:

1.) MC to Discord/Discord to MC for keeping track of events, item sales, and other handy statistics, as well as allowing a user to chat when away from their computer. (All legal within ConsoleClient rules of Manacube)

2.) Personal & Protected boxes per member, with a refund for stolen items due to raids.

3.) PVP/Raid backup (Applying both to Faction Members, as well as Faction Allies.)

4.) Shared season rewards based on participation within the faction, and contribution to the grinding.

If this interests you, feel free to DM Lamb#0621 on Discord to answer a few questions. (Make sure you're in the manacube official discord beforehand!)