1. lybby

    KitPvP Payouts?

    So I understand that this is in general and there is a KitPvP forum, however, I would like to know everyones opinions on this. I feel like with a Factions Payout, Islands payout, and Skyblock payout, there should be some type of KitPvP Squad payout. This does not need to be as much as the other...
  2. Dacon

    Mana PVP - KitPvP Season 10

    Hello everyone! Excited to announce KitPvP will be revamped and renamed to Mana PVP! It's the first reset/update in 2 years.. and it's a big one. Over 200 hours have gone into this update, a complete recode from the ground up with tons of new features & improvements. Can't wait for it to...
  3. DonVito699

    The ideas of Donvito (server)

    Welcome to my ideas I have for the server: Factions /ragequit fixed Knockback and punch fixed Elite treasure crates A special pvp area where people can slaughter each other and not run away into the wild /printer and /schematica to give all people equal chances to learn about cannoning More...
  4. WingDangDoodle

    Get The Arenas Fully Built And Working

    The Arenas are only half built with no warps available to them. However, you advertise on other sites that there is an Arena. It'd be a nice touch to have those available and I hope we can make something work! :D
  5. Qubs

    Small visual bug

    So I think I found a small visual bug, it says 1.8.9 in the TAB, but it says 1.8.8 in the spawn area
  6. Qubs

    /Gary on different servers

    I've got a big one. So /Gary, at least for me is kinda linked on different servers. What I mean by that is when I get my rewards on one server I can't claim it on others because they are already claimed, even on servers I never played on. From what I figured out the connected servers are...
  7. Suspenseless

    Things I want added or changed to kit

    My favorite server on Manacube is Kitpvp, I love it and it is amazing, but it could still use some changes. 1. Kit Pvp needs a reset. This season has been dragged on way to long, and i believe a reset will bring many new players and entice old players to come back. 2. Add normal anvils back...

    when the flying flip is kitpvp 10.0 (click this if you dare)

    The unanimous Declaration of the thirteen united States of America hen in the Course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the...
  9. MomamyaPvP

    Please Fix Teaming

    Can we get a fix on teaming please? I'm tired of jumping down and getting insta killed by a 100 man donator team. I can't play most of the time, so I have to comeback when there's like 2 donators online. It's annoying. Want proof? There. Hydro is the biggest example of this. He complains about...
  10. Swifhty

    What do you like most on kitpvp?

    I like it that all kits are close to each other like that it is possible that a leather guy can kill a VIP or VIP+ or MVP kit it makes me think that it's fair, my thoughts on it is that all kits are fair
  11. Swifhty

    What was your favourite memory on kitpvp?

    My favourite memory on kitpvp was when i was playing with people on kitpvp and when someone were not nice to me and then someone said to the user "How can you not be nice to Swirhly, their so nice and sweet" Share your favourite memory down below :D
  12. Swifhty

    Kit-PvP Poll

    I find kitpvp sometimes hard and sometimes easy but it also depends if i'm rusty or not
  13. Y

    A hacker on manacube kitpvp

    There was a hacker on kitpvp and I have footage to prove it. His username is weiss2014 and he has multiple hacks. I believe the hackers were kill aura and b hopping. ( I had to leave a link because it wouldn't upload the file I apologize )
  14. caseyclosed

    Kitpvp 9.0 Analysis - <3 Gradation. (ohmamgoaod its gradiatoon ban him !)

    As you know Manacube's Map 9 for Kitpvp has released. They've made some drastic changes to their entire system and I think it's disgusting how they think these changes are appropriate. Section 1. Ancient Keys. Manacube's server operators have decided to remove diamond completely. This would of...
  15. Dacon

    KitPvP 9.1 Updates

    12/02/2017 - 12/03/2017 AntiDrop protection for weapons - Press Q twice to drop (Can be disabled in /settings) Added Regeneration III (3 seconds) for the first 10 kills of each life Kit Fight armor now disappears on death instead of dropping on ground (Only the armor) Removed 3 second...
  16. Dacon


    RELEASE DATE SATURDAY, DECEMBER 2ND 12:00PM PACIFIC (Noon) 2:00PM CENTRAL 3:00PM EASTERN 8:00PM GMT (UK) GENERAL CHANGES Diamond equipment removed from the game Helmets removed from the game Sharpness 5 enchantment disabled Player Limit increased to 100 Gems renamed to Mana HAPPY HATS...
  17. Dacon

    Hugs + KitPvP Update

    Hugs has been a secret feature on ManaCube for a few years now, but has been pretty broken. Today we've released a revamped version of our Hug system /hug [name] - Send a hug to someone /hugs - See how many hugs you have received /hugs [name] - See how many hugs another player has received...
  18. mel

    Our suggestions

    Dear manacube staff, I would sincerely appreciate it if the kitpvp server would have some changes. The changes are as following: 1) Remove rods. They're annoying and quite hard to get used to. Since I came early on this server I was still playing without them. I strongly believe that the...
  19. caseyclosed

    Prepare for War Manacube Staff Team.

    Well I've gotten some money and a vpn and i'm ready to take on manacube again. I hope you can figure out my deployed alts that have been on the server for quite some time now. Casey is coming back :>. I'll see you soon - caseyofficial *cough* Staff that figure out my alts should be promoted...
  20. skrrts // colin

    Bring Back Factions!!!

    I think a majority of the manacube players could agree that factions was easily one of the best, fun, and most enjoyable gamemodes. Some of its very enjoyable features: Raiding! Raiding requires a team and combined effort between all of a factions members. In the new "Survival" gamemode which is...