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  1. MCBYT

    Reviewing Ballade à l'Opéra | Insane

    Hello Tufart! I will be putting your map in reviewing for the time being. The theme is original and well-done. The parkour is well-varied, fun and long enough for an insane, but it seems rather easy, better suited for an expert. The TP blocks also seem unnecessary, as Presidenten mentioned...
  2. MCBYT

    Reviewing Duolingo [MODIFIED] | Medium

    Hello unjolly! I will be putting your map in reviewing for the time being. The theme is original and you can clearly tell that this is meant to be the Duolingo bird. The words at the top are a nice touch, as well. The parkour is well-varied, fun and suitably difficult for a medium. However, it...
  3. MCBYT

    Rejected Risk Jump and Run - Hard

    Hello DerEchteKumge! Unfortunately, your map has been rejected. The vast majority of your parkour is floating above the void, and isn't connected to any build, which isn't ideal. The difficulty is also very inconsistent (for example, it goes from repeated 4 block jumps to 1 block ladder jumps...
  4. MCBYT

    Rejected GODZILLA - Easy

    Hello EYVE! Unfortunately, your map has been rejected. The difficulty and length (22 jumps) are perfect for an easy. However, the parkour is very confusing; I think some more direction, perhaps in heads or signs, would be helpful. I ran into barrier walls 10+ times while trying to parkour, as...
  5. MCBYT

    Rejected Yummy Pizza - Medium

    Hello tuna_kitis! Unfortunately, your map has been rejected. The parkour is a bit short/easy for a medium, and it can get very repetitive in some spots (for example, near the end, there's 9 ladder jumps in a row). It also floats above the void in some spots, as opposed to being incorporated...
  6. MCBYT

    Closed Emotions - Easy

    Hello Brooklynito! I'm closing this map submission, as it appears that the plot you mentioned is fully empty (and none of the surrounding plots contain this map).
  7. MCBYT

    Rejected NightmareFuel ¬ Expert

    Hello Conorbg! Unfortunately, your map has been rejected. The parkour is rather good, in my opinion. It's well-varied in most places, not too difficult (perhaps even a bit easy), and fun to play. I did find a few skips and overly hard jumps (I've shown a few below). It's also mostly...
  8. MCBYT

    ignore option for shouts

    That issue has been reported and it's currently being worked on. To my knowledge, it doesn't affect all players, only those on a specific version (I see them, so I'd assume that version is 1.8.9). Thank you for the correction on the cooldown, though :)
  9. MCBYT

    Question of the Day #13

    If it would bring them down, I'd keep it to myself. Usually I can get over that kind of stuff rather quickly, but if it's something that I don't think I could handle by myself, I'd share it as long as I know they'd be comfortable. I don't want to put anyone into a position they aren't prepared for.
  10. MCBYT

    ignore option for shouts

    The suggestions board mentioned in the first three replies is unfortunately broken at the moment, and it's been reported to staff. (If it's fixed, you are encouraged to post it there, though :)) Shout is one of the most popular perks of ELITE in my experience, and I don't think that would go...
  11. MCBYT

    Closed Mine

    Hello Replay! I will be closing this submission, as it does not follow our map submission format (as well as you requesting it be ignored). You can view the template at
  12. MCBYT

    Accepted Powder Keg (revised x2) - Easy

    I'm glad to tell you your map has been accepted as a medium! The theme is original, we don't have any Powder Keg maps (although we do have a few themed around TNT/dynamite, but they look very different) The build is good; you have several nice builds, with decent block variation, that are easy...
  13. MCBYT

    Rejected Celestial Resort - Hard

    Unfortunately, your map has been rejected. The theme is rather original, as we don't have any accepted "Celestial Resort" maps. The build is not very good; the block variation is poor, so it looks a bit bland while parkouring on the map, especially inside of the building which is entirely...
  14. MCBYT

    Rejected A Frog's Life | Easy

    -1. The theme of animal maps aren't very original, as Tas mentioned, but they aren't impossible to get accepted. I do like what you were going for, though! The build isn't the greatest, in my opinion. It's very small and kinda floaty; I think it'd be better if you added some grass platforms...
  15. MCBYT

    Rejected FlameMonster ¬ Easy

    +0. I enjoyed the parkour, but I thought this part was a bit hard (carpet-carpet-cake): and I found a skip here (you don't need the wall or brewing stand jumps, you can go straight to the ladder): The build is a bit flat and overall not very pleasing, in my opinion. I think it would look a...
  16. MCBYT

    Accepted FL studio | easy

    +1. The parkour on this is really nice, easily one of the best I've played. The water-head jump is a little bit hard, but otherwise it suits easy difficulty well. The theme is very original, good job! The build is pretty good, I think it could be slightly improved (for example, imitating the...
  17. MCBYT

    What was the age you got a phone?

    I got my phone just a month or two back, so 15, but I also had a tablet with calling enabled for a while, so if you count that, it'd be closer to 10 or 11.
  18. MCBYT


    I think that's a rather good idea, the inventory can get pretty crowded sometimes. I'd suggest adding this to our FeatureUpvote site at The suggestions are reviewed, and the most upvoted suggestions are often added in.
  19. MCBYT

    Rejected Abridged (Hard)

    I got the order of your maps confused and thought Feeding Frenzy came before this, my bad. I was saying that although Feeding Frenzy's parkour is good, I think this map is an improvement (personally)
  20. MCBYT

    Accepted Farming Frenzy (Medium)

    +0.5. I think it could be significantly improved by adding a second structure in (both for a better build and a way to make the parkour less floaty), but it's still rather attractive.