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  1. yoyoyo234

    Accepted Television - Easy

    Hi im mothaquacka the builder and owner of television, my friend Repuloh helped out a lot throughout the map. The difficulty is easy and the map has 3 checkpoints and 23 jumps as far as we know. The build and design is fully original, we hope you guys like it and if I need to change anything let...
  2. yoyoyo234

    Rejected Television - Easy

    Hello, Im Mothaquacka and for a while i have been making this TV map its fully original and built only by me. The difficulty is easy at the moment but after testing if i need to change it i will be sure to do that. i hope you like it and yeah :)
  3. yoyoyo234

    Rejected Xbox/ Hard

    Hello I'm yoyoyo234 i made a map in the theme of an xbox it has ladder jumps a headhitter and some other jumps. it has 9 checkpoints from start to finish. i spent most of a day working on this so i really hope its good enough. its at yoyoyo234 2nd plot in parkour. at the moment its difficulty is...