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  1. Eclipse500

    Accepted PlanetExpress - Hard

    Username: Eclipse500 Helper: Sillllllllllllll Map name: PlanetExpress Difficulty: Hard Warp: /Plot visit Eclipse500 3 inspiration:
  2. Eclipse500

    /Shout command

    Anyone (Not elite players) Is agreeing, That the /shout command is very annoying? I think the server should add more time for /shout or add command to the players who are very annoyed by the command like /toggleshout or something.
  3. Eclipse500

    Rejected WizardTower - Easy

    Username: Eclipse500 Map name: Wizard Tower Helper: Sillllllllllllll /plot visit Eclipse500 2 Difficulty: Easy Number of jumps: 18-25
  4. Eclipse500

    Accepted Police Station - Hard

    Username: Eclipse500 Map name: Police Station /plot visit Eclipse500 3 Difficulty: Hard Number of jumps: 65-75
  5. Eclipse500

    Accepted CreatorsHand - Expert/Insane

    Username: Eclipse500 Map name: CreatorsHand Difficulty: Expert/Insane Warp: /plot v Eclipse500 1