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    Do you press the button?

    ok no, i don't want to be really attractive and i don't want fake compliments lol button: you get a job that pays twenty times minimum wage but you work eighteen hours a day, cannot retire and keep this job for your whole life
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    Which is worse/better, Interior or terrain?

    my terrain always looks like an ice sculpture, I think interior design is really fun because you can use blocks in ways that normally wouldn't be useful so terrain is worse
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    What was everyone's favorite game to play growing up (excluding Minecraft)?

    like kat, the DS and Wii were my childhood, new super mario bros and mario kart ds were my life for a few years xD also club penguin was amazing, who can forget that
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    Finished Archery Competition!

    *stares at my computer for twenty minutes trying to think of a good archery pun* ok forget it, see y'all there c:
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    Rejected Calculator-Expert (probably my best map yet)

    so i will give you a -0.5 :c Theme: there are phone maps which could be considered similar to this one, but no calculator maps 0 Build: I really don't think this is your best build at all, it's flat and needs depth as said above, and the buttons could use some detail with stairs and slabs. -1...
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    What’s your favorite netflix show? and why?

    so rn i'm bingeing 13 reasons why, if you can get past the controversy the plot is AMAZING, it internally pains me that it's ending next year also been watching the good place and schitt's creek (so underrated and is without a doubt my favourite comedy on netflix) curious to see what everyone...
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    Rejected Ice Queen - Insane

    Bunstop, etintroF and TenkaiSean Ice Queen /plot v Bunstop 19 (the left plot, i'd merged four, unmerged and now it registers as two plots) Insane 84 Jumps
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    Accepted Worms - Easy

    (this map gives me ptsd from the terraria worm pet) i'll give you a +1 c: Theme: original, not a lot to say about it +1 Build: good, only small thing i'd do is take out the small hand on the side, but aside from that, it's decent +1 Parkour: fits easy difficulty, good length, good variation +1...
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    Rejected Stew-Expert (Mybestmap)

    so i'll be giving you a 0 Theme: i'm not sure if there's a soup map but there is a carrot-themed map, making this somewhat unoriginal 0 Build: by far your best one yet, you could add some more shape to the bottom of the bowl, and the floating vegetables are a bit messy. but the rest is good 0...
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    Accepted Candles - Easy

    @InfinityxKatrina you forgot to lock this lol
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    Rejected Mossdeep City - Insane

    i've found one who's going to help, so to anyone reading this, unless you feel that helping us revamp the parkour is your calling, we're good for now
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    95 jump insanes put in reviewing twins!!!

    95 jump insanes put in reviewing twins!!!
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    Accepted Candles - Easy

    shoot i forgot fragrance sticks existed hopefully it doesn't significantly hurt this
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    Accepted Candles - Easy

    Bunstop Candles /plot v Bunstop 18 Easy 20 Jumps/2 Checkpoints
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    ty c:

    ty c: