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    what is the best hats from the elite crate?

    which one do you prefer or want to get from the elite crate? why is it the best hat in the crate or for you? mine would be the demagorgon I have been a fan off stranger thing and this hats is amazing with the detail and the colors. what do you think?

    Let's all congratulate Sonic_Raptor for winning my rank giveaway!

    Well if you need a safe elite rank up you can always come to me and your right but either way your getting elite next Month <3. Don't forget I never go back on a promise. And at the start you wanted to help me and you didn't know there was a cash prize and that really meant something to me so I...

    Let's all congratulate Sonic_Raptor for winning my rank giveaway!

    Sonic do you still want me to buy you Elite. If you don't receive it until the end of this month

    AT0MICCHIk3N (ssChicken) - Staff Application

    Thanks for all your comments I really appreciates them but please do know argue on a staff application if you disagree with someone comments please msg him/her in game or on discord and that applies from all the staff application . Thank you and have a great day

    AT0MICCHIk3N (ssChicken) - Staff Application

    About the mine I want to clarify something I never meant it has a serious thing it was always as a joke I'm sorry if I made it seem if it was meant like it was my mine I didn't mean it in that way. I Just liked to talk to people and I was not looking for drama between us just trying friendly...

    Infinity Chest name changed, again.

    here the link to open a support ticket

    island disappeared???

    No problem have a great time on the server and if you have any other questions type it here someone will help you

    island disappeared???

    well did the gamemode have water around your island if not that not /islands so we can assume that you started aztec or oasis so the next time you get on try to do /aztec after when your in the skyblock do /is go if it not your island do /oasis and do /is go again. <3

    Why did the chicken cross the road?

    I didn't cross the road maybe it was a duck sorry.
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    AT0MICCHIk3N (ssChicken) - Staff Application

    Your Minecraft Username AT0MICCHIk3N (ssChicken) What server are you applying for Islands --------------------------------------------- First Name Nicolas Country or Timezone vancouver (PST) Age 19 Discord username ssChicken#3274...
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    Olympus Updates - January 7th 2020

    Dacon you forgot to ban elytra from the parkour rebirth people are abusing it
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    How was your winter break?

    I have been working alot and playing games with my friend and making the most beautiful gift ever to my dad aka gave him a rock gave us a good laugh .
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    How was your winter break?

    What did you do? Did you go on a vacation? Did you work? Did you meet some family or friends? When does your winter end?
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    December 2019

    Gg to every top voter and top island and top factions Congrats to @sil @anaxrocks and @KathrynsWill Good luck to everyone one for 2020 I wish you the best