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    upgrade slayer lvl

    Hallo @mats0002, Slayer Level is currently bugged on Atlas so you need an Admin to manually upgrade your slayer level for you. I recommend making a support ticket at with screenshots of having enough kills in /slayer and mob heads to have your slayer upgraded. In...
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    Count to 50 Before Staff Post...

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    Does anyone have braces?

    they are so painful but it'll get better after 1-2 weeks. I had to stick to porridge and water, couldn't eat noodles or dumplings anymore ;(
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    My girlfriend just dumped me.

    hi back, I’m ana
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    del tacoooooooo

    del tacoooooooo
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    Corona virus Time

    be a gamer :>
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    Count to 50 Before Staff Post...

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    Best Staff 2020 Poll

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    Best armor

    I’d definitely say Ancient armor from the Ancient Trials (/trials) are the best armor set that anyone can get, not requiring keys for seasonal crates or donor ranks. You’d have to grind Ancient trials for a while, I believe 21-ish wins to buy the whole entire set, but the buffs paired with some...
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    Most Annoying Player

    Hallo, Friendly reminder to all that there are Forum Rules and Network Rules to follow and to keep in mind while making posts and sending replies. @BestDiamondAxe please don't be rude other players or send hurtful insults, it's against the Forum Rules and is not tolerated here on ManaCube...